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Get the Maximum benefit from your time spent on Market Analysis with GATE - GANN Analysis Through Excel.

charts GATE is the essential tool for serious traders eager to save time and simplify their Gann Trading. GATE has been designed by W D Gann specialists, to streamline the process of information gathering and analysis which ensures you will have more time for trading and researching new markets.

Using GATE you will be able to locate and easily identify the characteristics of any market within minutes. Increase your knowledge about any market and perform valuable "what-if" and "risk/reward" analysis before you take a trade. For more key features of GATE see the box below or visit our products page for more detailed information.

The Education Trading event of the year is here:
GATE 9+9 - More than just software - it is an Education Program

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In depth analysis within an Hour

Order GATE now and you will have all the information you need to perform an in depth analysis within one hour of setting up a new instrument. No need for any further cumbersome calculations and house keeping activities that are required to perform GANN analysis - GATE does it all for you.


Key Features of GATE

  • Full set of 24 videos to cover each GATE function in detail
  • Construct Square of 9 Square of 4 - Includes highlighting previous swings
  • Find repeating time cycles and price ranges within minutes
  • Find the Market Heartbeat with unbelievable results
  • "What if" Analysis - Risk reward calculators - know your risk before you take a trade
  • Swings Clusters by Degrees - (Wall charts)
  • Statistics - know the most frequent months when swings may occur
  • Extract any number of Segments of the Markets - study past patterns
  • Cluster price retracements with price projections
  • Construct squares and highlight past swings on these squares
  • Swing charts for any market in an instant.
  • Know the frequency of where/when a price range occurred.
  • Locate (list) every occurrence (swing) where any past time cycle or price ranges have occurred
  • Quickly create Monthly Calendars of future Time Clusters.
  • Square Price (use Time as Price) Effortless GANN analysis of time and price.
  • Maintain Day Counts from important Swings - show Clusters of Day Counts
  • Construct Price Resistance Cards - GANN FLuctuation cards - in an instant
  • A modular solution to suit all levels of trader - from novice to Expert.

Packages to suit your Needs

GATE is designed for all levels of traders from the novice to more experienced. GATE provides a modular solution which enables you to buy GATE as a package or purchase only the functions you need - purchase additional GATE functionality at any time as required by you.

The Complete Package - GATE "Ultimate PLUS"

Save $$$ - See Products Page for Special Offer Details


Get all the functionality GATE has to offer. This is the ultimate GATE package for the serious trader. It includes all the functionality included in GATE Fundamentals plus much more to assist you with trading analysis. For a complete list of functions follow the link below

Get Started with GATE Fundamentals

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The perfect starter package for all traders that want to optimize their time spent on market analysis. For a complete list of functions follow the link below

Purchase individual GATE Functions. Get started for as little as A$49


Our exciting new option enables you to purchase our most popular individual GATE functions as you require them.

Access to ALL GATE Functions - Pay ONLY A$297.00 to get started - For Details - click in link below

gate ultimate details

Pay ONLY A$297.00 to get started. For Details - click on link below

gate fundamentals details

Use the link below to see details and price of individual modules that are available

GATE Functions

NOTE ** All prices are inclusive of taxes and bank charges. An annual license fee is payable from the second year onwards for the continuing use of GATE, support and upgrades. GATE may not be copied or passed on to a third party. All prices are subject to review from time to time. All prices are quoted in A$ (Australian) Dollars.
All prices are exclusive of any market data, environmental or any other software. GATE requires Microsoft Excel 97/2003 or 2007.GATE will run on Windows XP, Widows Vista, Windows 07 or the Windows partition in an Apple MAC


What Do GATE Users Say?

Hey there Ron,
I just wanted to give you some feedback on the Webinar's – It really is GREAT!!!
Thank you for deciding to do these…. GATE is a truly amazing program that has so much to offer – and it is great to be able to understand how it will assist my trading. I look forward to the next lessons…
What I have done with it (GATE) has been worth every cent, in fact during May – the 17th to be exact, from the information I had gained from Gate – I entered a short trade and was able to realize a 251 point profit on the SPI.

Louise - Melbourne, Australia

The webinar's are excellent, a true bargain. Thanks for the invite for the live sessions, however I will miss this week and watch on you web site.
At this point we are very impressed with GATE and looking forward to learning more about the programs functionality.
Your seminars incorporate a good blend of detail and information about your well planned software.
The cross module creation of the calendar is truly an exceptional feature.

Russ - USA

GATE helped me to identify the low in the Swiss Franc on Thursday 30th July and the subsequent rally from which I have taken over $3,000 per contract so far. Another very profitable trade thanks GATE.

Kevin - Thailand

All in all GATE has saved me thousands of hours and increase my profits tenfold. I would not work, analyses and trade without it.

Sinan, Sydney, Australia

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